I am over-the-moon thrilled to have you here because memories and experiences are pricelessly valuable to you. They can be relived by reminiscing upon the very moments of joy, heartfelt tears, timeless beauty, authenticity and unconditional love through ways of fine art, heirloom photographs. By your story, to date, I am able to capture the pages through my lens and it is my passionate desire to create a tangible hold of the story of you.

In order to do so, I take pride in the amount of time that I spend with each individual, getting to know their stories most likely over a cup of tea at a local, modern coffee shop or FaceTiming with a Rae Dunn pen + pad in hand. It has always been in my heart to set myself apart by going above + beyond to ensure a high-end, memorable experience for everyone who places their trust in me to capture the most treasured moments of their lives. I desire nothing more than to calm any nerves just before a session by creating a safe space for you to laugh, be yourself, + have the freedom to move. While I direct every step of the way during a session, I absolutely love to capture you in your element - un-posed + candid.

Movement is pivotal in capturing such moments. So, rather than "posing" - I ask of you to share sweet nothings into each other's ear, a list of reasons why you love one another while gently hugging, + possibly a "practice" first dance. These moments are worth celebrating + I don't just mean any kind of celebration. From the very beginning of saying "yes" to the end of the night that you say "I do" - it is to be experienced with such joy + your session will too share in the magic!

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“What a beautiful honor it is, to preserve the moments in time that will be cherished forever.”